Being born healthy and reaching critical developmental milestones are vivid predictors of future success. Research indicates that, in efforts to address problems like poverty, low education levels, crime rates, teen pregnancy and more, the greatest long-term benefits will come from starting with babies in low-income households – even before they are born.
Goodwill’s Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP) pairs mothers pregnant with their first child with a registered nurse for ongoing home visits aimed at supporting mothers and families in providing the very best start for their children during the earliest, most developmentally critical years. NFP is an international, community health program, widely researched and recognized for increasing healthcare access and improving health outcomes.

Implemented in Indiana exclusively by Goodwill, NFP began in Marion County in November 2011 and today serves more than 500 families there. Today, the program has expanded to counties such as Delaware, Madison and Tippecanoe, with a capacity to serve more than 1,000 families.

Goodwill and NFP support the Indiana State Department of Health’s Labor of Love campaign to reduce infant death, providing prenatal care and teaching parents about and encouraging smoking cessation, breastfeeding and safe sleep. 

How to qualify

To qualify for NFP, a woman must:

  • Be less than 28 weeks (7 months) pregnant
  • Have no previous live births
  • Be at 200% of the poverty level or below (equivalent to the Medicaid eligibility requirement)
  • Live in a county where we currently offer services (Delaware, Lake, Madison, Marion, Tippecanoe and White)

How to participate

A health care or other provider may refer you, but your participation is voluntary. You may also refer yourself, called a self referral, to be considered for participation, which consists of meeting the qualification above. NFP is a free program.

Self-referral for first-time moms-to-be

Positive NFP outcomes in Indiana

Cumulative data as of June 30, 2015


of children at age 24 months were fully immunized


of babies were born full term


were born at a healthy weight at or above 5.5 lbs


of mothers initiated breastfeeding


of NFP households have had an increase in income and benefits

Michelle White- NFP Success Story
Michelle enrolled in Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP) in 2012 at age 19. She was living at home with her mother when she first met her nurse, Cora Daniel. Since becoming pregnant, Michelle has worked through the challenges of balancing health, education, housing, transportation and the desire to provide for her family. From the beginning, she has done what’s best for her son, Bradyn. During home visits with Cora, Michelle set and achieved goals including a healthy pregnancy, stable employment and high-quality child care. Through it all, she worked and continued her education. Today, Bradyn is healthy, and he continues to hit developmental milestones.
“I felt like I was going to be so nervous to have a child, not knowing how to handle everything. Cora taught me to believe in myself — to remember how strong I am. Nurse-Family Partnership is such a great program. It helps parents become more knowledgeable about children and how they learn.” Michelle White

Goodwill is committed to supporting quality child care for employees, students and Nurse-Family Partnership clients. Childcare Answers offers help with finding licensed, quality child care.