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Goodwill Auto Donation Auction



Goodwill makes it easy to donate:
   Cars, trucks and vans
   Boats or other vehicles

Cars and trucks can be donated to Goodwill in one of three ways:

Online Form

Complete our online donation form to schedule free towing.


Call 855-497-4587 to schedule free towing.

Bring to Store

Bring your vehicle to any central or southern Indiana Goodwill store.

Donating a Vehicle?

What you need to do to prepare:

  • Goodwill accepts cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, RVs and boats on trailers.
  • The vehicle does not need to be in running condition.
  • Automobiles should have all tires for easy towing.
  • Donors must be able to turn over a clear title and the keys to the vehicle.
  • Donors should remove the license plate.
  • All personal belongings should be removed. This includes any valuables or documents containing personal information.
  • Donated vehicles must be located in one of the 39 counties served by Goodwill of Central & Southern Indiana.
  • If you believe the vehicle is worth more than $5,000, have it appraised for tax purposes.

When you donate your vehicle:

  • You will receive a donation receipt showing the date of donation and the vehicle’s year, make, model and mileage.
  • After the automobile as been sold at auction, Goodwill will mail you a letter stating the sale price of the car; use this information for your itemized federal tax return.

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