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2024 Award Honorees

Employment Achievement Award
Ashley Brummett-Caraway

At the age of 15, Ashley was involved in a devastating car accident that would significantly alter the trajectory of her life. Her doctors prescribed medication to help her cope with the constant pain, which quickly led to a dependency that endured for several years, but Ashley was committed to achieving sobriety. In 2018, after being out of the workforce for many years, she sought part-time employment as a Goodwill retail associate. This quickly turned into full-time, and eventually, a promotion to Site Leader, where she now manages her own store. She will celebrate nine years of sobriety this year. 

“Goodwill is more than just a job,” Ashley said. “They helped me in ways I can’t even express.”

directly employed at Goodwill or placed in a job in 2023


of employees have a job barrier

Indianapolis Metropolitan High School Outstanding Student Achievement Award
David Gonzalez Toto

At 10 years old, David was diagnosed with a learning disability. As a result, he endured ridicule and bullying from his peers, which led to low self-confidence and a reluctance to engage socially. As a sophomore, David joined Indianapolis Metropolitan High School – Goodwill’s best-fit school for students who may experience barriers to education. He found a school where his struggles were understood, allowing him to grow both personally and socially. As David gained confidence in himself, he began to emerge as a leader, overcoming obstacles that he never imagined. 

“I’ll be the first in my family to graduate, and it feels amazing,” David said. “It shows I can do anything if I put my mind to it.”


of 2023-2024 graduates had a postsecondary plan

college credits earned in 2023-2024

Health Achievement Award
NaShae Price

When NaShae enrolled in Goodwill Nurse-Family Partnership® (NFP), she was pregnant with her first child and struggling with stable housing, transportation and securing a living wage job to help support her growing family. NaShae’s nurse guided her through her desire to breastfeed, helped her secure funding for quality child care and was there at all hours of the day to answer questions. Now a mom of two, NaShae has her own home, transportation and a job in the health care industry that she is passionate about.

“Goodwill Nurse-Family Partnership helped me rewrite my story,” NaShae said.

Goodwill Nurse-Family Partnership families served in 2023


of graduates earned their diploma while enrolled in the program in 2023

Education Achievement Award
Joselyn Manzanares

At five years old, Joselyn’s family immigrated from Honduras to Los Angeles, where she encountered challenges and life took an unexpected turn. At 15 years old, she learned she was pregnant and decided not to return to high school. After becoming a mom, she desired a new direction for her family, which led to her moving to Indiana, where she discovered The Excel Center®. Although apprehensive at first, she stuck with it, not only earning her diploma but also a medical interpreter certification. She now works in her community as a translator, bridging the language gap between patients and medical care providers. She is also attending Ivy Tech Community College.

“My confidence grew tremendously,” Joselyn said. “I feel more powerful…like if I could do this, I could do anything in life.”

diplomas earned since 2010

job certifications earned since 2010

Barbara Robinson Memorial Award
Peter Salathé

At just two years old, Peter suffered a stroke that left him partially paralyzed, with a series of learning disabilities. He was later diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. He struggled with certain aspects of his previous jobs, but he found his way to Goodwill in 2017, where he was hired as a part-time associate. Peter was quickly recognized for his speed, accuracy and strong work ethic, which led to a steady increase of hours and eventually full-time employment. He has overcome many challenges to advance at Goodwill as well as personally, as he now serves as the primary caregiver for his aging mother. 

“Despite one crisis after another, I managed to progress in life, and I’m happy and productive, which is something I’m proud of,” Peter said.


of persons with a disability were unemployed in 2023, compared to 3.5% for persons without disabilities

Goodwill employees in 2023 reported a disability

Connections Award

Over two decades ago, Labcorp and Goodwill formed a partnership that has had a remarkable impact on individuals and communities. In this time, Goodwill has provided over 82 million subcomponents that go into Labcorp’s collection supply kits used in over 6,000 clinical trials and over 117 countries, impacting over 2 million patient lives worldwide. Most of the employees at Goodwill Commercial Services who work on the Labcorp line have a barrier to employment, like a disability or criminal history.

Retail Site of the Year Award
Keystone Store 

The Keystone Store has been named Retail Site of the Year for 2024, recognizing its commitment to Goodwill’s mission as well as its exceptional performance, including an increase of 30% year-over-year on in-store sales. Of our 75 locations, Keystone is number one in donations. On average, the store receives 94,000 donations a year, which requires a lot of organization and staff – 80% of whom have some barrier to employment, like a disability, criminal history or limited education. 

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