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Employment Services

Through a variety of job-seeker and placement services, we help connect individuals with barriers to jobs – at Goodwill and with many other companies as well.

Services are geared toward individuals with disabilities, individuals who lack a high school diploma, individuals with a criminal background and job-seekers age 55 and over.

Services for individuals with disabilities

Goodwill believes every person has value and can contribute. Working empowers and encourages individuals. Our core principles embrace the inherent value of every individual. We have worked with people with disabilities since our founding. Individuals with disabilities, their guardians or job coaches are encouraged to review our current job listings and submit an application.

We also offer more intensive support services for individuals with disabilities, typically following a referral from Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation Services (Voc Rehab), a division of the Family and Social Services Administration. For more information, visit Voc Rehab online or call 1-800-545-7763.

Services for individuals with limited education

Many of the employment services and opportunities that Goodwill can help connect job-seekers to require a high school diploma. Adults needing to obtain a diploma should consider attending The Excel Center, Goodwill’s high school for adults. With 11 locations, flexible schedules and more, The Excel Center can help adults earn their diploma and also take next steps toward careers or post-secondary opportunities like 2- or 4-year degrees.

Individuals without high school diplomas can, however, still apply for jobs at Goodwill.

Individuals with criminal backgrounds

Goodwill does offer employment opportunities to individuals with criminal backgrounds, depending on their specific circumstances and the nature of their criminal convictions.
In addition, Goodwill’s Commercial Services division offers the New Beginnings program, which helps ex-offenders successfully re-enter society.


Verdell Evans 2It’s apparent within minutes of meeting Verdell Evans that she has a burning desire to succeed. Previously, she was fueled by negative influences and destructive choices. She left home at a young age and used and sold drugs. She was incarcerated twice, serving nearly 18 years in prison. Having fulfilled the terms of her sentence and parole, Evans is now blazing a trail that she had never thought possible.

“In prison, I came to a turning point where I knew I wanted to change and make a difference in my life,” Evans explained. “It was hard at the beginning, starting over. I didn’t have anything, but I didn’t complain. I felt blessed just to be out of prison and working on a new life.”

In November 2013, Evans began working as a janitor at Goodwill’s Westside outlet store. When Evans met Kent Kramer, Goodwill’s Senior Vice President and COO, at a job-readiness focus group, she was homeless, living at a shelter and trying to save money for rent.

“Right away, Verdell stuck out,” Kramer said. “The way she talked about liking her job and being good at it made an impression, so I gave her my business card and a challenge. If she stuck with her current job for 90 days, and if she was in good standing with her attendance, productivity and other benchmarks, we would talk about some next steps.”

Despite the difficult (but welcome) transition from prison and an unstable housing situation, Evans successfully met Kramer’s challenge, so she called him.

“I’d received good reports about her,” Kramer said. “I was impressed. I hand out a lot of business cards, but often don’t get the follow-up. She was one who took the time.”

Kramer connected Evans to Goodwill Commercial Services. She secured a position at the VA Medical Center, where Goodwill has a contract to provide janitorial services. Evans was soon promoted to Team Lead. When their paths next crossed, Kramer asked her if she had found a place to live and what she’d think about owning her own home.

“I’d never owned a home,” Evans said. “I just never thought it would be possible because of the life I was living before.”

Kramer encouraged her to complete an application for Habitat for Humanity. She was nervous about the background check, thinking her criminal history would hamper her approval, but it didn’t.

“The day after Habitat got my application, they told me I was approved!” Evans said. “I was so happy and excited!”

Habitat participants must commit to 300 sweat-equity hours consisting of financial and homeownership classes, and time spent building one’s own home and other homes. Evans moved into her home June 14. Soon after, she hosted friends, family, volunteers who helped with her build and other guests to her home’s dedication.

“I love my house — my favorite part is walking up to the front door and realizing it’s mine,” Evans said.

Evans was recently promoted to Assistant Supervisor at the VA. She wants others to know that there are people and organizations that can help with a fresh start — as long as individuals help themselves by believing and working hard.

“My former life is not even a temptation. Goodwill and Habitat give people like me with a criminal history a chance, and it’s a blessing,” she said.

Verdell Evans 1


A unique, all-women Habitat build this summer was led in part by Zaida Monell, Goodwill’s Vice President for Employee and Organization Development. Monell, a Habitat board member, has helped raise the $75,000 and 300 volunteers needed, including other women from Goodwill. “The all-women build has been a great endeavor,” Monell said. “This home is for a single mom and her son, and I’m excited about it being completed.” Monell also noted how the missions and values of Habitat and Goodwill complement one another, encouraging people toward self-sufficiency.

Services for job-seekers age 55+

Goodwill’s Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) is a community service and work-based job training program for older adults who need job training and assistance.

Through community partnerships and the Older Americans Act, the program provides training for low-income, unemployed seniors. Participants also have access to employment assistance through American Job Centers.

To be eligible to participate, you must be:

Federal guidelines prioritize enrollments based on the following criteria:

  • Veterans and qualified spouses
  • Age 65 and older
  • Disability
  • Low literacy skills or limited English proficiency
  • Residing in a rural area
  • Homeless or at risk of homelessness
  • Low employment prospects

To learn more about SCSEP, please call us at 317-524-4360.

I never thought I would work with Goodwill for this long. But, it went by fast. Working here this long has been quite an accomplishment, and I’m proud of it.

Nancy Gregory

Sharon Baugh - A SCSEP Success Story

Sharon-BaughAfter nearly 30 years of employment with a national retailer, while living in Chicago, Sharon Baugh lost her job due to the recession. She began a search for a new job, applying to hundreds of positions without success. In trying to maintain independence, eventually Sharon depleted her personal savings and pension accounts and lost her home. After relocating to Indianapolis to live with relatives, she applied to Goodwill’s Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP). Sharon began exploring training options with her SCSEP service coordinator. With her wealth of retail experience and skill set, Sharon’s coordinator matched her with the Goodwill Retail division. She also began filling in as-needed at the front desk, and her excellent performance resulted in a permanent, full-time position as receptionist.

In partnering with SCSEP, Sharon learned about and pursued employment opportunities, resulting in a match to an existing Goodwill hiring need and addition of a talented member to the Goodwill team. With SCSEP’s support and her own hard work, Sharon has moved into her own apartment and is once again enjoying financial independence.

“I’ve been independent since I was very young, so asking for and accepting help when I was out of work was difficult, even though I was very appreciative. I enjoy being active and working, so I’m grateful that with SCSEP’s support, I found a job, and I’m once again independent.” -Sharon Baugh

New Beginnings

INDIVIDUALS learn skills that benefit them in any warehouse setting, earn a paycheck, and become better prepared and qualified job candidates.

EMPLOYERS gain access to a pool of qualified job applicants and hire job-ready candidates who have the necessary technical and soft skills to succeed.

New Beginnings provides ex-offenders with an opportunity to get back on track.

The 6-month program focuses on acquiring and developing technical and soft skills through a paid internship at the Goodwill Commercial Services warehouse and production facility.
Once individuals are equipped with the skills needed to build a steady employment history, they’re referred to community-based employment services or hired full-time at Goodwill.

Participants work at Goodwill four (4) days a week, for a total of 40 hours. Specific shift times vary, but will always fall between 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

They attend Career Days on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Case-management services are provided for the duration of the program, and participants’ needs are assessed each month.

  • Each participant is assigned an Employee Resource and Development Specialist (ERDS) who provides support and assists with vocational needs.
  • The ERDS is responsible for reviewing progress toward goals and ensuring that each participant completes four of the following focus areas:
    • Housing
    • Medical/Dental Care
    • Financial Skills
    • Support System
    • Professional/Life Skills
    • Full-Time Employment 

To be eligible for New Beginnings, individuals must:

  • Be ex-offenders, with no work release or jail time remaining. All felony convictions will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  • Complete one unpaid Career Day.
  • Have reliable transportation or be on a bus route.
  • Complete application and submit letters of recommendation.

For more information or to refer a potential candidate, please contact the New Beginnings office at 317-524-3956 or newbeginnings@goodwillindy.org.

“This program gave my life structure. I’ve turned my life around, and now I’m a productive, contributing member of society. For that, I will always be thankful.” Michelle A.

“New Beginnings has been the biggest source of encouragement I have ever had in my life. I have received encouragement in job-related situations and the encouragement to meet and exceed my personal goals.” Lindsey B.

“Goodwill has been an invaluable partner, helping our clients that need a more flexible employment experience and training. The result is a more dynamic, wide-ranging skill set that helps set clients up for success in the future.” Matt Holland

Indiana University Health Homeless Initiative Program

“This is a ‘must-have’ for any individual who wants to improve their life. It improved my life with people skills, career placement and so much more. It’s the best program I have ever participated in. I am so grateful to be a part of New Beginnings.” Cory T.