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Goodwill Employment Opportunities



Employment is a critical to self-sufficiency. In addition to direct employment, many of Goodwill’s programs and services focus on employability, skills training, industry certifications and more – with sustainable employment as a short- or long-term goal.

Two-thirds of the people Goodwill employs have a disability, low education level or criminal history. They are employed in:


  • More than 70 Goodwill retail sites in central and southern Indiana, including stores, outlets, eCommerce and recycling operations.
  • Our Commercial Services division, which assists companies with manufacturing, packaging and assembly services and holds contracts for janitorial and other services at federal government buildings in Indianapolis.

I never thought I would work with Goodwill for this long. But, it went by fast. Working here this long has been quite an accomplishment, and I’m proud of it.

Nancy Gregory