Frequently Asked Questions | Goodwill Central & Southern IN

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. I don’t live in central or southern Indiana. How do I contact my local Goodwill?
A. Visit the store locator at to find your local Goodwill.
Q. Can I volunteer or perform community service hours at your store?
A. We can often accommodate individuals needing volunteer or community service hours. Please contact the store you are interested in working at, and ask to speak with a manager for more information.
Q. Is Goodwill a nonprofit?
A. Yes, we are. Like many other charitable organizations you’re familiar with, we have IRS 501(c)(3) nonprofit status. We don’t have an owner or shareholders. Our revenue goes to support our mission to help individuals and families in central and southern Indiana become more economically self-sufficient. Primarily, we do this through employment, education and health services. You’ll find us listed at well-known websites that review nonprofits, like Charity Navigator and GuideStar. All Goodwills throughout the country are independent, nonprofit agencies governed by local, volunteer boards of directors comprised of community and business leaders.


Q. Are Goodwill’s prices negotiable?
A. Prices are not negotiable, and Goodwill does not give price adjustments for items purchased prior to being marked down for sales. These pricing policies only apply to Goodwill stores within central and southern Indiana.
Q. Can I return my purchase?
A. Please review the return policy located here.
Q. Can you tell me if you have any _____ for sale at your stores?
A. Unfortunately, no. Our inventory is constantly changing, so there’s no way to know where/when we’ll have specific items for sale. But we do post quite a few pictures of products on Facebook, so like us.
Q. Do you offer a military discount?
A. Yes, beginning February 2017, we offer a 15% discount on regularly priced goods when you show your valid Military ID, including veteran designation on driver’s licence or DD214. Retired military and military dependents also qualify, provided they show appropriate ID.
Q. Can I pick up an online purchase in person?

A. Yes, if you win an auction bid at and wish to pick it up from Goodwill in Indianapolis, you may do so. Please call 317-524-4352 or email to schedule your pickup.

To maintain social distancing, please help us follow the below guidelines:

  • We are strictly limiting the number of customers per day allowed to pick up items 
  • Walk-ins are not allowed- this will be strictly enforced
  • Customers must be able to load, lift, and carry all of their items
  • Customers must provide their own packing materials
  • Face coverings are required (per Marion County mandate)
  • If you miss your scheduled time, please call to reschedule.  
  • Curbside pickup is available
Call customer service with questions or concerns. Please have your order number ready.

Pick-up hours: Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (closed major holidays) 

Pick-up address: 4105 N. Franklin Road, Suite 90, Indianapolis, IN 46226  


Q. What items does Goodwill accept?
A. You can find a list of acceptable donations here.
Q. Are there types of donations Goodwill can’t accept?
A. Yes. You can review that list here.
Q. What if I accidentally donated an item? Can I get it back?
A. Goodwill is not typically able to locate and return items that are unintentionally donated. Donors should always check their donations for valuables, cash or any documents containing personal information before bringing them to Goodwill.
Q. Do you have any programs to donate cars or other items to individuals or causes in need?
A. All donations to Goodwill are sold by Goodwill in order to support our mission to help individuals and families become more economically self-sufficient. We do this by providing employment, skills training, education and other services, which are all supported by the sale of donated goods. While we do not have a program to donate the items we receive to others, we can offer clothing vouchers to organizations that run Goodwill donation drives. We also suggest that individuals in need contact Connect2Help (dial 2-1-1) or their township trustee’s office.
Q. What does Goodwill do with my donations?
A. We give every donation as many chances to be sold as possible, maximizing the revenue we can generate to support employees, students, families and others. Donations are first sorted to determine those items that will be sold on the retail sales floor. Items that are not sold at retail stores are typically sent to one of our outlets stores where they are sold by the pound. A small percentage of items are sold online. If items do not sell at the outlet stores, they are recycled or further sorted (plastics, non-ferrous metals, etc.) for secondary-market sales. All revenue generated from the sale of donations stays local, helping thousands of Hoosiers each year. See how your support matters.
Q. Why does Goodwill throw some items away?
A. When Goodwill receives items that we can’t sell, such as broken, torn or damaged items and products that have been recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, we are forced to dispose of those items for the safety of our customers. The fees for disposal of these items raise our expenses and reduce the revenue available for employment and education services. Our relationships with recyclers and other buyers of bulk materials (fabrics, metals, etc.) do help us to keep tens of millions of pounds of items out of landfills every year.
Q. What can I do with items that Goodwill doesn’t accept?
A. There are a number of local resources available to help you safely and securely dispose of unwanted items that Goodwill can’t accept:

  • Documents containing personal information – such as medical records, tax records, bank statements and more – can be securely shredded by companies including Shred-It and Shred Monkey. Visit their websites for specific locations and costs.
  • College Hunks Hauling is a Goodwill partner that can remove items (including items Goodwill can’t accept) from anywhere on your property. They will deliver acceptable items to Goodwill while properly disposing of items Goodwill can’t accept. There is a fee for this service, but Goodwill donors receive a discount.
  • Need help disposing of a non-working television? Many communities, the state of Indiana and even some stores have recycling programs. Visit our resource page to learn how you can safely and properly dispose of a non-working television. It is against state law to dispose of a television with regular trash services.
  • Your local trash pick-up usually can remove items on their “heavy pickup” days. Gas tanks should be removed from grills and other gas-powered equipment and disposed of at a toxic waste site before these items can be picked up. Call your local trash pick-up service for details and pickup information.
  • Household paint products, gasoline, pesticides, lead acid batteries and many other household products and chemicals can be taken to ToxDrop locations throughout Indianapolis. ToxDrop’s days and hours vary, so please check their website or call 317-327-2234 for more information.
  • Car batteries can be dropped off at Ace Battery, 2166 Bluff Road, Indianapolis. Ace Battery does not accept nickel cadmium batteries. For hours or more information, call (317) 786-2717.

“People with disabilities will work harder than anyone else in your office. We’re the most loyal employees because we want to show how much we want to be here to work. We’re loyal, punctual and hard-working — just give us a chance.”

Bobbie Jo Franson


Q. How does Goodwill Rewards work?
A. Goodwill Rewards is an initiative that rewards our loyal shoppers and donors to earn rewards on a daily basis. It is not set up to work on a points-value system. However, it is important to use your card on every donation and purchase. Random rewards may be added based on activity.
Q. How do I log in to my Goodwill Rewards account?
To log in to your Goodwill Rewards for the first time, your email is your username and your password is the last six digits of your card number. You must verify your email through your “Welcome to Goodwill Rewards” email before logging in for the first time.
Q. Can my rewards be loaded manually after my transaction has been completed?
A. Your card must be used during each purchase and donation to be tracked. We cannot backdate receipts or donations.
Q. How many rewards can you use at one time?
A. One reward can be used at a time. Advise the cashier during your purchase which reward you would like to use or not use. Rewards can also be used on top of other sales and promotions.
Q. Do my rewards expire?
A. Your activation reward expires 30 days from the date your card is activated. Your birthday reward is valid through the entire month of your birthday, i.e., if your birthday is December 15th, your reward becomes available December 1st – December 31st. Holiday rewards are available only on the date of that particular holiday. The 10% of $20 reward is available at all times. Random Rewards will have an expiration date.
Q. What type of rewards do I receive?
  • 10% off $20 purchase every day
  • Special birthday gift
  • Holiday rewards
  • Advance notice of sales/special promotions
  • Track your donations, itemize online and more!
Q. Can my family members use my card?
A. Yes, however it is encouraged that each family member sign up for their own card, our philosophy is if you are old enough to shop at Goodwill you are old enough to receive rewards.
Q. What happens if I lose my Goodwill Rewards Card?
A. To replace your Goodwill Rewards card, go to your closest Goodwill store. They will be able to deactivate your old card and provide you with a new activated card. Your rewards will transfer over to your new card.
Q. What are the benefits of having my birth date?
A. During the month of your birthday you will receive a birthday reward loaded to your card. If you choose not to provide your birthday we cannot give you this reward.
Q. Will I receive lots of emails or mail from you?
A. You will receive a monthly e-newsletter from us that explains any new rewards or updates to the program, as well as, your upcoming rewards and advance notice of sales and promotions.
Q. How will I learn about what rewards are available to me?
A. To check your rewards, log in to your Goodwill Rewards account, and then click on My Rewards, or, your card can also be scanned at any register at a Goodwill store. You will also find out about upcoming rewards through email and store promotions.
Q. Can I sign-up for Goodwill Rewards without an email address?
A. Yes, an email is not required to sign-up for Goodwill Rewards. However, by providing your email address you will be able to login to your online account, immediately receive notification when you earn rewards, and get advance notice of sales and promotions.
Q. Can Goodwill Rewards be used with other discounts?
A. Yes, this program works as discounts on top of discounts. The sale or promotion of the day discount is used first and then your Goodwill Rewards will be applied.
Q. How are my donations tracked?
A. Each time a donation is made and your card swiped, an entry will be made to your online account. Then when you log in to your online account you can itemize your donation entry for that donation transaction. Records are kept on a calendar year basis for tax purposes.
Q. Can Goodwill Rewards be used on online purchases, i.e., shopgoodwill/clickgoodwill?
A. No, Goodwill Rewards cannot be used for online purchases at this time. Goodwill Rewards can only be used at our retail locations.