Goodwill Foundation of Central & Southern Indiana


For more than 40 years, the Goodwill Foundation of Central & Southern Indiana has been an integral part of our Goodwill’s support for individuals and families. Through the Foundation, Goodwill raises money from individuals, corporations and private foundations and oversees an endowment of more than $30 million – a source of funds used primarily to help develop and launch new operations and services to enhance Goodwill’s mission-related impact.

Goodwill Foundation of Central & Southern Indiana

The interest generated by Goodwill’s endowment provides funding for programs within Goodwill of Central & Southern Indiana and its related entities, Goodwill Education Initiatives and GW Commercial Services. While the retail stores continue to be Goodwill’s financial engine, the Foundation fosters expansion and innovation to tackle community challenges, allowing Goodwill to create and improve services that move individuals and families towards personal, educational and vocational success and economic self-sufficiency.

The Foundation falls within Goodwill’s Office of Community Engagement and is led by Kyle E. Lanham, Vice President for Community Engagement and Chief Advancement Officer. Go here to see a list of the Foundation’s board of directors.

1635 W. Michigan Street
Indianapolis, IN  46222-3852

(317) 524-4265
Fax: (317) 524-4438

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It’s easy to make a one-time or recurring financial gift to Goodwill using our secure, online form.

Planned gifts

Have you ever wished you could support a worthy cause and improve your financial security at the same time? By taking advantage of incentives the IRS provides, Goodwill can craft a gift that delivers exactly the benefits – to us and to you – that you’ve been looking for. For more information, please contact Brenda Ewigleben, Annual Fund Manager, at or 317-524-4009.

A good education is the basis for a lot in life.

Melissa Horn

Indianapolis Met Graduate

Frequently asked questions

Why does Goodwill have a Foundation?

The Foundation is a source of capital and seed money for new initiatives and for applied research and development to enhance the accomplishment of Goodwill’s mission and increase its impact in central and southern Indiana. We need the sustained efforts of our Foundation to attract philanthropic dollars – in the form of cash, stocks and bonds, charitable estate bequests and trusts, and other planned gifts – both to fund current services and to further build an endowment that guarantees future Goodwill services.

Do you get financial help from the government?

No. We have applied for and are awarded grants by government agencies, but the Foundation does not receive regular government funding.

Does Goodwill’s Foundation make grants to nonprofit organizations in the community?

No. The Goodwill Industries Foundation solely supports the programs and initiatives of Goodwill of Central & Southern Indiana and its related entities. No grants are given to other organizations or to individuals.

Do all of the financial contributions you receive stay in our local area?

Yes. Contributions made to Goodwill support programs and services provided by Goodwill and its related entities, Goodwill Education Initiatives and GW Commercial Services, in 39 central Indiana counties.

Are donations to Goodwill tax-deductible?

Yes. All financial contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

Does Goodwill accept financial donations other than cash?

Gifts of stocks and other types of securities – please let us know if you are making a stock gift by calling Mandy Pietrykowski, Advancement Director, at (317) 524-4328 or by emailing her at Please share your name, the name of the stock and the number of shares so that we may properly value and acknowledge your gift. If your gift is to be used for a special purpose or is given in honor or memory of someone, please inform us. Thank you!

    • Delivery Instructions for DTC Eligible Securities
      • Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
      • DTC #: 0164
      • ACCOUNT #: 6495-9331
      • ACCOUNT NAME: Goodwill Foundation of Central and Southern Indiana, Inc.
    • For Non-DTC Eligible gifts, please contact our office at (317) 524-4328.

Life insurance when the Foundation is named a beneficiary and irrevocable owner
Charitable Gift Annuities
Retirement Plan Beneficiary Designations
Gifts in Kind that meet approved Goodwill needs

Our staff

Goodwill’s Office of Community Engagement, which includes the Foundation, is responsible for building relationships with individuals and organizations for purposes of business development, fundraising, volunteerism and more, often helping companies fulfill their corporate social responsibility objectives.

Our staff is happy to work with you and answer any questions you may have about your current or potential involvement with Goodwill.

Rachel Eble

Director, Advancement

317-524-4328  |

Rachel joined the Goodwill Foundation in 2018, bringing with her over 15 years of experience working in fundraising, marketing and communications. She is a proud graduate of The Orchard School, Brebeuf Jesuit and the University of Colorado, Boulder. Prior to joining Goodwill, Rachel was an Associate Director of the Central Indiana Land Trust. Rachel loves working with donors to connect them with a change they want to see in their community. At the Goodwill Foundation, Rachel focuses her time on managing our Foundation team’s overall fundraising strategy and working with major donors, focused primarily on connecting them with Goodwill’s mission. Rachel and her husband have two young sons, whose sticky hands are instrumental in inspiring her to be less of a perfectionist every day. Rachel loves to cook and garden, with results that are not always as impressive as her fundraising work.

Nick Ison

Community Engagement Manager

317-694-5766  |

Nick Ison serves as Community Engagement Manager for Goodwill’s Office of Community Engagement.

His duties include promoting Goodwill Commercial Services and TalentSource with central Indiana businesses to provide a competitive edge in manufacturing and finding skilled employees for their organizations. Additionally, Ison coordinates Goodwill’s Community Leaders Tour, Young Leaders program and other community engagement efforts.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English from Boston University and received his Master of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary.

Kyle Lanham

Vice President of Community Engagement and Chief Advancement Officer

(317) 524-3645  |

Kyle Lanham serves as the Vice President of Community Engagement and Chief Advancement Officer for Goodwill of Central & Southern Indiana. In his duties, Lanham oversees business development and fundraising efforts for Goodwill’s foundation. Previously, he co-founded and operated two financial services businesses. Lanham began his career with Indianapolis-based law firm Ice Miller.

He graduated from DePauw University with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and received his Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School. Lanham is an active member of the Indiana State Bar Association and serves on the boards of trustees for DePauw University and Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary.

Sarah Pennal, MA

Foundation Relations Manager

317-524-4347  |

Sarah Pennal, MA, is the Foundation Relations Manager for the Goodwill Foundation. In her duties, Pennal oversees grants for the organization, responsible for research, development and reporting. Sarah came to Goodwill in 2012 as an early childhood resource guide for Nurse-Family Partnership. Previously, she worked in education and residential treatment for foster youth.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and German, a master’s degree in Philanthropy from the Lilly School of Philanthropy and a graduate certificate in Nonprofit Management from the School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University. In addition, she is fluent in German and speaks Spanish.

Cindy Tow

Annual Fund Manager

317-524-4009  |

Cindy serves as the Annual Fund Manager for the Goodwill Foundation of Central & Southern Indiana. In her role, she is responsible for developing and executing a comprehensive annual giving plan to support Goodwill’s programs and services. Cindy works with the Goodwill Foundation staff as well as the Board of Directors to execute outreach, activities and events that connect donors with meaningful opportunities to empower people and change lives every day.

Cindy graduated with a bachelor’s degree in international studies from the University of Scranton and received a master’s in public affairs, with a certificate in nonprofit management from IUPUI. She is also an AmeriCorps alumnus, having completed two years of national service in Ohio and Indiana.

Cameray Vican, MPA

Foundation Relations Manager

317-524-4577  |

Cameray Vican, Master of Public Affairs (MPA), is the Community Engagement Coordinator for the Goodwill Foundation of Central & Southern Indiana. Vican is responsible for developing a corporate volunteer program as well as connecting corporate volunteers to service learning and philanthropic opportunities. Additionally, she manages Goodwill’s Community Partners Tours and the Goodwill Young Leaders, Goodwill’s young professionals board.

In 2016, Cameray came to Goodwill as the Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) Specialist at Indianapolis Metropolitan High School. Previously she worked in the fields of nonprofit management, community development and juvenile justice.

Cameray graduated from Indiana University’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs with a master’s degree in public affairs and a graduate certificate in fundraising from the Lilly School of Philanthropy. 





Caitlin Young

Database Administrator & Advancement Assistant

317-524-4265  |

Caitlin Young serves as the Database Administrator & Advancement Assistant for the Goodwill Foundation of Central & Southern Indiana. She is responsible for managing fundraising data, reporting and analytics. In addition, she supports the administrative and development activities of the Foundation staff.

Caitlin graduated from IUPUI with a bachelor’s degree in economics. During her studies, she was awarded the William M. Plater Civic Engagement Medallion for her commitment to the community through service and learning. 






Rev. Howard Lytle, the first Executive Director of Goodwill, established Goodwill as an important organization in the community and laid the groundwork for volunteer leadership that is so important to Goodwill today. When Alan McNeil took over in 1969, he sought to further the organization’s mission and continue the legacy of his predecessor. After expanding Goodwill’s retail stores beyond Indianapolis, McNeil led a campaign to raise funds for the organization. Being a keen businessman with his eye on Goodwill’s future, he proposed the establishment of the Goodwill Foundation, a vehicle that would allow the board to invest in various financial assets that could fund new initiatives. After much planning, the Foundation was approved as the first of its kind for Goodwills nationwide.

On November 29, 1971, distinguished community leaders met to sign the articles of incorporation and appoint the first board of directors for the Goodwill Foundation. Its stated mission was to provide the funds to support Goodwill’s innovative approach toward providing jobs and educational opportunities. This included establishing and expanding employment services and awarding internships to promising students interested in careers related to Goodwill’s work.

Russell Hirschman served as the first president of the Goodwill Foundation, a role he held for nine years. His son, Frank, served on the Foundation Board from 1998 until his death in 2009. Frank’s son, John, has continued the family legacy of service on the Foundation’s board since 2007. William A. Dyer, who served Goodwill for more than 25 years, was the Foundation’s second chair. During his tenure, he doubled assets and introduced many friends to the work of Goodwill. Jack Dustman took over as chair of the board in 1986, after chairing the national Goodwill Board from 1979-1980. Until his death in 2006, he tirelessly raised funds for the Foundation and set up an endowment fund to provide internships to students interested in sales, marketing, development or general management. The Jack Dustman Society honors Jack’s memory by recognizing individuals who have supported Goodwill with a planned or outright gift of $50,000 or more.

The Foundation continued to provide critical support for new Goodwill initiatives throughout the 2000’s, including Indianapolis Metropolitan High School (2004), The Excel Center (its first location opened in 2010) and Nurse-Family Partnership (2011). In 2015, the Foundation became part of Goodwill’s newly formed Office of Community Engagement, combining the talents of Goodwill’s fundraising, business development and community outreach staff in order to better serve all constituents, including individuals, corporations, community partners, foundations and others.

Read more about the history of Goodwill.

Donor recognition

As a tribute to a man who spent time and energy in many ways and for many years to help build Goodwill, those making planned or outright gifts of $50,000 or more to Goodwill belong to the Jack Dustman Society, a special donors’ circle created in 2006.


Edward and Shirley Anderson* Marilyn K. Fourman Norman Metzger*
Malcolm and Connie Applegate William S. French Marjorie T. Meyer
Nancy Ayres Otto N. Frenzel, IV Ralph and Connie Meyer
Dottie Barnes* Marianne Glick Peggy L. Miller
Frank and Katrina Basile Martha and C.P. Gorman, Jr.* Netherleigh Fund
Elaine and Eric Bedel Cindy and Mike Graham Steve and Jane Null
Peggy and Ted Boehm Gordon M. Graham Frances F. Ober*
Robert and Terry Bowen Gerd J. Griffith Tom* and Nikki O’Brien
Linda Brimmer Perry and Michelle Griffith Joan S. Paulin
Janet Carrington Keith Harding John D. Perry
Matt and Leslie Carter Tom and Patty Hefner Gene Prather
William A. and Carolyn A. Carter* Frank* and Sue Hirschman Sally Reahard
Victor E. Childers John and Leigh Ann Hirschman Lawrence and Candice Reuben
Justin and Darrianne Christian John H. Holliday* Steve and Kris Robinson
Matthew and Melanie Claymon Raymond E. Houk* James* and Janet Sammer
Mildred Corrie Evelyn Irelan* Paul and Martha Schmidt
Standiford H. Cox N. Loraine Jackson* Robert F. and Shirley B. Schwindt
Blanche Crawford* Lucile L. Kahn* Frank C. Springer, Jr.
John H. Darlington, Jr.* Brian and Anne King Anne Ayres Taylor*
Mark and Molly Denien Tom and Verletta King William Milton Taylor
Nancy R. and Berkley W. Duck Gary and Marie Koenig Mary Ann Thiel
Florence Goodrich Dunn* Kent and Jamei Kramer Charlotte T. Thomas*
Jack* and Betsy Dustman Walter W. Kuhn, III Fred C. Tucker, III
William A. Dyer, Jr.* Jean Kyle Florence H. VanMetre*
Lori Efroymson-Aguilera and Sergio Aguilera Kyle and Sally Lanham Harold R. Victor*
William* and Joan Elder Wendy and Philip Larman W. Michael and Sue Wells
Robert* and Ann Dustman Ferrell Clora Maxwell* Richard A.* and Florence West
Ken File Jim and Jane McClelland Elizabeth Bracken Wiese and Fred Wiese
Kelly J. Flynn Opal McGurk* Gene and Mary Ann Zink
Gwen A. Fountain Christine J. and Owen B. Melton, Jr.

* Deceased

Membership in the 1635 Society is for those who have made an annual gift of $1,000 or more in a current year. This list reflects our generous 2017 donors. Members of the 1635 Society support programs and services designed to help improve individuals’ lives through education, health and employment.



Robert and Terry Bowen
Christian Theological Seminary
Mrs. Jack Dustman
Netherleigh Fund

Elaine and Eric Bedel
Ms. Katherine L. Davis
William S. and Kim French
Otto N. Frenzel, IV
Lily Smith

Matthew Howard
Kent and Jamei Kramer
Kyle and Sally Lanham

Mark and Molly Denien
Nancy Dunn
Ann Ferrell
James L. Kincannon
Philip and Wendy Larman
Jim and Jane McClelland
Mark Mutz
Fred C. Tucker, III
Elizabeth Bracken Wiese and Fred Wiese

Jonathan and Julia Birge
Barbara Blakely
Craig and Diana Caldwell
Terrence Cody
J. Scott and Lorraine Davison
Scott and Lisa Enright
Keith and Sarah Faller
Jim and Gwen Fountain
Marianne Glick
John and Leigh Ann Hirschman
Jeff and Diana Larson
Richard and Elizabeth Pilnik
Steven C. Kristin L. Robinson
Lucy Wick

Dan and Kate Appel
Kevin and Nancy Armstrong
Mary Behe
Peggy and Ted Boehm
Matt and Leslie Carter
Daniel W. DeHayes
Lori Efroymson-Aguilera and Sergio Aguilera
Mac Fehsenfeld
Karen Glaser
Mark and Susan Graham
Perry and Michelle Griffith
Sue Hirschman
John and Ginny Hollett
Richard Horn
Douglas E. Huff
Helen K. Jolly*
Robert P. and Troy I. Kassing
Michael and Peggy Kennedy
Nancy Kincannon
Charles E. Lanham
Lisa M. Lanham
Alma and Stephen Lathrop
Rob Martinson
Rose Mays
Elizabeth McCaw
Boris E. Meditch
Zaida Monell
Scott and Janice Montross
Peter and Natalie Nagel
William and Carolyn Neale
Susan and Evan L. Noyes, Jr.
Don and Carolyn Palmer
Jack and Eleanor Pence
Edward and Sara Pollack
Matthew Robinson
Francis D. Sheski
William and Brenda Shrewsberry
Dan and Rita Sink
Jon and Charlotte Slaughter
Eric C. Stolberg
William Mode Taylor
James R. Tuerk
Richard Mark and Susan S. Van Frank
W. Michael and Sue Wells
Jean Wojtowicz

Individuals who have included Goodwill in their estate plans, either through a bequest or another type of planned gift of less than $50,000, are members of a special group known as the Legacy Society.



Malcolm W. Applegate
Nancy Ayres
Frank and Katrina Basile
Elaine and Eric Bedel
Peggy and Ted Boehm
Matthew and Leslie Carter
Victor E. Childers
Justin and Darrianne Christian
Matthew and Melanie Claymon
Mark and Molly Denien
Charles R. Disque
Nancy and Berkley Duck
Ken File
Jim and Gwen Fountain
Marilyn K. Fourman
Martha and C.P. Gorman, Jr.*
Gordon M. Graham
Keith Harding
John and Leigh Ann Hirschman
Dillard and Dorothy Howell*
Brian King
Tom and Verletta King
Gary and Marie Koenig
Kent and Jamei Kramer
Walter W. Kuhn, III
Kyle and Sally Lanham
Philip and Wendy Larman
Jim and Jane McClelland
Christine J. and Owen B. Melton, Jr.
Ralph and Connie Meyer
Peggy L. Miller
Steve and Jane Null
John D. Perry
Gene Prather
Steve and Kris Robinson
Fred C. Tucker, III
W. Michael and Sue Wells
Richard and Florence West*
Elizabeth Bracken Wiese and Fred Wiese

Named for our first Executive Director, Rev. Howard Lytle who drove initial growth of the organization, the Lytle Society recognizes our contributors’ lifetime support for Goodwill. It was first established in 2015.


Allen Whitehill Clowes Charitable Foundation
Edward and Shirley Anderson*
Malcolm and Connie Applegate
The Associated Group
Nancy Ayres
Ayres Foundation, Inc.
Dorothy K. Barnes Trust Endowment
Janet Carrington
Annie E. Casey Foundation
The Clowes Fund, Inc.
Barbara B. Cooling*
Mildred Corrie*
Blanche Crawford*
Wayne and Martha G. Davis*
Nancy R. and Berkley W. Duck
Florence Goodrich Dunn*
Mrs. Jack Dustman
William A. Dyer, Jr.*
Efroymson Family Fund
Lori Efroymson-Aguilera and Sergio Aguilera
Joan Elder
Eli Lilly & Company
Jean Esden*
Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation, Inc.
Ann Ferrell
Jim and Gwen Fountain
The Glick Fund, a Fund of CICF
Mrs. Pierre F. Goodrich*
Martha and C.P. Gorman, Jr.*
William C. Griffith Foundation Trust
Perry and Michelle Griffith
Heritage Fund
Raymond E. Houk*
Evelyn Irelan*
Lucile L. Kahn*
Louis E. Kincannon*
The Kresge Foundation
Mrs. Howard J. Lacy, II*
Jim and Jane McClelland
Martha L. McKinley*
Norman P. Metzger*
Marjorie T. Meyer
Moriah Fund, Inc.
Netherleigh Fund
Mary B. Newill*
Nicholas H. Noyes, Jr. Memorial Foundation, Inc.
Mrs. Frances F. Ober*
Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust
Mrs. Eugene C. Pulliam*
Sally Reahard*
Reilly Foundation
Sara and Albert* Reuben
John J. Rogers*
Ruddell Trust Fund
Ruth Lilly Philanthropic Foundation
Robert F. and Shirley B. Schwindt
Frank C. Springer, Jr.*
Anne Ayres Taylor*
Charlotte T. Thomas*
Harold R. Victor*
The Walton Family Foundation
Elizabeth Bracken Wiese and Fred Wiese
Gene and Mary Ann Zink

Ameritech Indiana
Elaine and Eric Bedel
John H. Darlington, Jr.*
William S. and Kim French
Marianne Glick
Mrs. Gerd Griffith
Philip and Wendy Larman
Opal McGurk*
MET Foundation, Inc.
Fern Roesch*
William Milton Taylor*
Fred C. Tucker, III
Richard* and Florence West

Mrs. Reily G. Adams*
Arthur Jordan Foundation
Peggy and Ted Boehm
Robert and Terry Bowen
Dr. Thomas A. Brady*
Standiford H. Cox
Eva F. Daily*
Suzanne A. Dettwiler*
Otto N. Frenzel, IV
Cindy and Mike Graham
Frank* and Sue Hirschman
John and Leigh Ann Hirschman
N. Loraine Jackson*
James L. Kincannon
Kent and Jamei Kramer
Kyle and Sally Lanham
Clora Maxwell*
Reid H. and Elizabeth H. McLain*
Ralph and Connie Meyer
Peter C. Reilly*
Virginia L. Roberts*
James* and Janet Sammer
Maribeth and Al Smith
Florence H. VanMetre*

Dottie Barnes*
Tom Binford*
Jonathan and Julia Birge
Celeste and Derrick Burks
Daniel P. and Judith L. Carmichael
Carolyn A. Carter*
Justin and Darrianne Christian
Matt and Jan Cohoat
Lorene C. Coquillette Thornbury
Mark and Molly Denien
Nancy Dunn
Madeline Elder*
Scott and Lisa Enright
L. John and Helen Ernstes*
Robert B. Evans, Jr.*
George G. Fassnacht*
Mac Fehsenfeld
Brian and Mary Kay Ferrell
Mrs. Otto N. Frenzel, Jr.*
Mrs. Otto N. Frenzel, III
E.D. Frenzel Family Charitable Trust
Robert R. Girk*
Allen W. Hawes
Mrs. Philip R. Hedback*
Susan B. Hetherington
Nancy Kincannon
Julian A. Kiser*
Gary and Marie Koenig
Walter W. Kuhn, Jr.*
Jean Kyle
Elizabeth Lawton*
Florence Lehr
Arno Lessheim*
Lilly Industries, Inc.
Beverly B. Lloyd
Alice and Kirk McKinney Family Fund*
Sue A. McVie*
John and Carolyn Mutz
Susan and Evan L. Noyes, Jr.
Alice Paulsen*
Edward and Sara Pollack
N. Clay and Amy Robbins
Thomas H. Sams
Paul and Martha Schmidt
Mike and Sue Smith
A.L. Taggart, III
Martha R. Van Sickle*
Lucy Wick

Dan and Kate Appel
Dr. and Mrs. Kerry L. Blanchard
Bowen Family Foundation, Inc.
Allen W. Clowes*
David C. and Romy E. Coquillette
Winifred B. Craig*
Dr. Daniel W. DeHayes
Russell L. Dustman, Sr.*
Keith and Sarah Faller
Karen Glaser
Arthur W. Graham*
Trevor and Edna Gray
Carl E. Hensley
John H. Holliday*
Hoover Family Foundation
Mary W. Horn*
Matthew Howard
Jack A. Hunter*
Byron and Marlene Jensen
Donald H.* and Helen K. Jolly
William F. Kraas, Jr.*
Marjorie L. Lake*
James and Carol Landes*
Richard K. Lapham*
Edith Lindley*
Dr. J. Theodore Luros*
Christine J. and Owen B. Melton, Jr.
Mrs. Ruth M. Miller*
Jim and Jackie Morris
William and Carolyn Neale
Michael B. O’Connor
Edward J. Ohleyer*
Jack and Eleanor Pence
Dan and Lisa Riley
Leslie W. Robinson
Steven C. and Kristin L. Robinson
Nancy M. Russell
Ronald B. Schwier
Jack and Susanne Sogard
John O. Turner*
Richard Mark and Susan S. Van Frank
W. Michael and Sue Wells
Howard S. Wilcox*
Virginia B. Wohlgemuth*
Peggy and Lee Zeigler

Anna M. Alexander*
John C. Appel*
Mrs. H. Jack Baker
Scott and Robin Bess
Mike* and Barbara Blakley
Joseph A. and Wilma Borinstein
Alexander M. and Rosemary Bracken*
Thomas W. and Ellen Brennan
Bill and Jo Ellen Buffie
Ralph Burns*
Matt and Leslie Carter
Kendall W. and Mary Moses Cochran
Gilbert S. and Emily N. Daniels
Ms. Katherine L. Davis
Gertrude M. Delaney*
Anna Gale Dortch*
C.W. and Florence Edson*
Bill and Edie Enright
Nancy R. and W.H. Fike
John and Janice Fisher*
Martha and Russell Fortune, Jr.*
George and Darlene Galyean
Earl and Vicki Goode
Gordon M. Graham
Lucius O. Hamilton, II*
Eugene B. Hibbs*
Walter C. Hiser*
Robert Hollowell*
Dillard W. and Dorothy E. Howell*
Al and Kathy Hubbard
James S. and Rachelle Humphrey
Thomas A. Jones
Robert P. and Troy I. Kassing
Katherine F. Kellerhals*
Roger L. Kessler
John and Wendy Kindig
Tom and Verletta King
David W. and Anne Knall
Helen L. Kuzel*
Alma and Stephen Lathrop
John E. Marynell
Maurer Family Foundation, Inc. (Mickey’s Camp)
Michael S. and Janie Maurer
Margaret D. McKee*
Steven A. McNeil
Mac and Susan McWhirter
Martha C. Means*
Boris E. Meditch
Frederick Morris*
James T.* and Georgianne Neal
Irene F. Oestrike*
Carolyn and Don Palmer
John D. Perry
Richard and Elizabeth Pilnik
Gene Prather
Gregory Simons
Mrs. R. Neal Sinclair
Lily Smith
Stephen E. Sterrett
Eric C. Stolberg
Mary Ann Thiel
James and Linda Trippi
Lewis Truax*
Mrs. Fred D. Tucker, Jr.*
Mabel Veal
Margret E. Veale*
J.D. Ward*
Mr. Skip Wilson
Irene E. Woempner*