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My Donation History

Loyal donors can conveniently track donations and itemize right here online.

To receive this benefit, please make sure the donation attendant scans your Goodwill Rewards Card during each donation transaction. Follow steps below to add items and estimated values to your donations.

  • Click on Add/View My Items.
  • Enter item, quantity and estimated value*.
  • Click Add.

Repeat this process for all donated goods.
*To claim a deduction on your taxes, the donor determines the fair pub value of the contributions. (Please refer to IRS Publication 561).

Unassociated Donation Items

Type in your itemized donations here as you gather them. Once you’ve dropped your donations off and scanned your rewards card at the donation door, you can click and drag your items to the correct date and store location. Use “Add/View My Items” to open the correct date and location table to drag your items into.

Donation records will be saved in your account for multiple years. Your donation value must be a number, please do not add the dollar sign.

Your History

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Thank you for your support. The revenue generated from the sale of your donation helps Goodwill impact lives through education and employment in central Indiana.