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What We Do

When people hear “Goodwill,” they often think of our retail stores. Then, frequently, it’s “Goodwill – that’s a good cause.” Both are correct. And there’s much more to know!

workers made up our retail workforce in 2016, and two-thirds of them faced challenges such as disabilities or limited education.
Meet Katherine.

adults have graduated from The Excel Center – Goodwill’s adult high school – since 2010.
Meet Jamerous.

families have been served by Goodwill’s Nurse-Family Partnership since 2011, helping kids get a great start in life.
Meet one of our families.

With more than 70 Goodwill retail locations, our retail operation is an important and large part of who we are and what we do. It fuels our good work in central and southern Indiana, generating revenue for critical services while providing job opportunities for 2,400 Hoosiers, many of whom face limited job options.

Everything we do, including our retail operations, helps us further our mission of empowering people to increase their independence and reach their potential. From education, to health, to employment, all our programs and services – made possible through your support – provide life-changing opportunities to those who connect with Goodwill.

Our services include:

  • Direct hiring for Goodwill jobs, especially for job-seekers with employment barriers like disabilities or limited education.
  • Job readiness, training and outplacement for individuals with barriers.
  • Pre-natal and maternal health, parenting skills, child development and school readiness.
  • Connections to resources for transportation, housing, child care, financial literacy and more.
  • A child development center and preschool for children ages six weeks to five years. Our services set us apart from other child care facilities, allowing us to help all children, challenged to gifted, to develop to their full potential.

Once I started going to The Excel Center, I realized how much I missed out. When I got my diploma, it made me feel great. I just keep chugging along and doing what I’m doing. I don’t want to go back to the way it was before.

Raymond Waymire